September 7, 2021

No one disputes that the Biden admin has a lot on its plate. After all, history will validate that Biden inherited a ‘hot mess’ from Trump. Yet, it seems Biden isn’t throwing out all of Trump’s anti-immigrant policies; Why aren’t more Latinos getting vaccinated? New analysis boils it down to ‘language’; Hurricane Ida caught the Northeast off guard. Now, scientists want us to prepare for an apocalypse that could be more widespread than a hurricane; and Troubling signs in Brazil. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden mulls ‘lite’ version of Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

Spanish-language Covid disinformation is aimed at Latinos as delta surges

Over 230 medical journals: Climate crisis is the “greatest” health threat

Jobless Americans will have few options as benefits expire

Dance and movement therapy holds promise for treating anxiety and depression, as well as deeper psychological wounds

An ‘Internet apocalypse’ could ride to Earth with the next solar storm, new research warns

Something Mysterious Near The Galactic Center Is Flashing Radio Signals

App-based self-test program improves HIV detection

In world first, Cuba starts COVID jabs for toddlers

Brazil: warning Bolsonaro may be planning military coup amid rallies

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