September 7, 2022

One headline, that I didn’t post this morning, was an NPR story about how young people are among those answering the call to help ensure our elections will run smoothly. Seems county election officials can’t sweet-talk retirees into being human bullseyes for radical election deniers who will lie, threaten and intimidate those just trying to earn a little extra money and do their civic duty at the same time. What makes me take notice of the fact that young people are getting involved are two other headlines in today’s roundup that clearly show the GOP’s future has a shelf life, especially as more young people understand the implications of political corruption; It’s not your imagination if you’ve been noticing more interracial marriages portrayed on TV, especially if you believe the screen only mirrors real life; and There’s a reason why California is boiling these days. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden to commemorate anniversary of 9/11 attacks at Pentagon

Farmers are eager for Senate to vote on migrant worker bill

The rise of interracial marriage — and its approval rating

Rock Star Blasts MAGA, Calls Trump ‘Greatest Swindler in History’

Puerto Rican rapper Residente is challenging the definition of ‘America’

The real reason a heat wave is pushing California’s power grid to its limits

A Lunchbox-Sized Device Is Making Oxygen on Mars

New App For Moms: WeMoms

Mexican cave artist goes ‘deep’ for his craft

Silk Road, Inca empire’s Qhapaq Ñan inspiring Ecuador fashion designers

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