September 9, 2021

As usual, there are multiple showdowns brewing in Washington: the spending bill, the US debt default, etc. Fireworks are really due to explode if Dems get their way of including something in spending bill most GOP oppose; A whistleblower claims detained immigrant children are being subjected to nothing less than egregious child abuse at one facility; Since 9/11, all those who helped in any way in the aftermath of the worst terrorist domestic massacre have been honored – except one group; Do you know who invented McDonald’s Happy Meal? Hint, it wasn’t in the US. Go beyond the headlines…

Democrats to make pitch Friday for pathway to citizenship in spending bill

Immigrant Children Were Burned With Scalding Water And Threatened At An Emergency Shelter, A Whistleblower Said

Immigrant Sept. 11 cleanup crews seek residency as a reward

U.S. war on terror cost $8 trillion, 900,000 lives

Pregnant Latinas Have Low COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

Report: Solar could power 40% of US electricity by 2035

These Free Online Resources Tell the Story of 9/11 and Its Aftermath

New app aims to be the ‘TikTok for games’

Up to quarter-million Mexican youths at risk of being recruited by organized crime: study

Guatemalan Woman Who Created McDonald’s Happy Meal Dies at 87

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