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Ten Cuban tech entrepreneurs win chance to chart their own futuro

LatinaLista — Eighty-eight Cuban entrepreneurs took their future into their own hands when they entered a mobile app contest looking for the most promising tech-enabled businesses in Cuba.

Called the 10x10KCuba, the contest was sponsored by the Cuba Emprende Foundation, #CubaNow, CIC Miami, Startup Angels and Mano Americas. Ten businesses were selected as winners.

“10x10KCuba seeks to help talented programmers and entrepreneurs in Cuba integrate themselves into the startup community in the Americas, and to provide them with the resources and networks to support the growth of their businesses,” said John McIntire, Chairman of Cuba Emprende Foundation.

Each of the ten winners receive a prize package valued at $10,000 and include awards such as laptops, English or Mandarin classes and participation in a tech-start-up environment.

THE 10 WINNERS OF 10x10KCuba

Alamesa (Havana) Entrepreneur: Ariel Causa Menéndez.
An information platform for users who wish to explore and be involved with Cuban gastronomy.

Conoce Cuba (Havana) Entrepreneur: Eliecer Cabrera Casas
A platform for the advertising of and search for businesses, including a directory and maps, which allow the businesses to display any information they wish to consumers.

Cuba-Room (Havana) Entrepreneur: Wendy Rafael Bokly Plana
An online service to search for and book lodging in less than 24 hours, for travellers looking for bed and breakfast accommodations at different price points.

Cubazon (Havana) Entrepreneur: Bernardo Romero González
An online marketplace for purchasing any product produced by the private sector in Cuba, to be delivered to family or friends resident on the island with the utmost security and professionalism.

GuiArte (Havana) Entrepreneur: Adan Leiva Blaya
A continuously updated digital directory for domestic and international users of activity in Cuba’s arts and cultural scene, with the information organized by categories and profiles.

Isladentro (Havana) Entrepreneur: Indhira Sotillo Fernández
An easy-to-use platform offering a quick and reliable guide for information and geographic location on any place, business or other points of interest. An app where your business will make an impact.

Ke Hay Pa’ Hoy? (Havana) Entrepreneur: Juan Luis Santana Barrios
A digital platform aimed at promoting Cuban culture, in which customers have the opportunity to showcase their offerings through different channels.

Knales (Havana) Entrepreneur: Luilver Garces Briñas
An efficient SMS platform to advertise events, products, services and other information, customized for each user.

MiKma (Havana) Entrepreneur: Janse Lazo Valdés
Advertising and booking platform for house rentals (in Cuban pesos) which will revolutionize the way that market operates.

NinjaCuba (Havana) Entrepreneur: Victor Manuel Hernandez Moratón
A website for finding talent and searching for jobs in Cuba’s tech sector.

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