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Website keeps Mexicans aware of acts of violence in state of Jalisco

By Maggie Loredo

With acts of violence happening on a daily basis in Mexico, officials in the state of Jalisco have created a high-tech solution to keep its citizens better informed and potentially prevent the spread of rumors. The Secretary of Innovation, Science and Technology and the Attorney General of Jalisco launched a website named Ciudadano Informado (Informed Citizen).

The objective of the site is to have a virtual platform where citizens can be made aware of strikes, fights, intentional fires and all sorts of violence in real time in order to avoid traveling near those sites or enable them to take the necessary precautions. The purpose of the site is to give citizens a reliable tool that communicates to them about what is going on in the state.

On the site, there will also be a map that shows the exact location of the acts. There will also be updated tweets from Jalisco’s District Attorney commenting on the situation. A press release and “Comments and Suggestions” sections are also included.

As a second and third step in this communication strategy, there are plans to implement a mobile app and a telephone database, which will also be launched in the upcoming months. These will be used to update users with the most recent and accurate information occurring in Jalisco.

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