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Are Latinos really wanted by either Party?

LatinaLista– There have been many columns, headlines and comments made regarding how the GOP treats Latinos. While Sen. Reid’s observations last week on how any Hispanic could be a Republican insulted many in the Latino community, the Sen. wasn’t entirely off-base.


After all, just how do Latinos who really believe and advocate the ideals of the Republican Party reconcile with the fact that their own party is instigating actions that adversely impact portions of the Latino community?

From talking about ending birthright citizenship, to advocating the creation of more state legislation that specifically targets Latinos — detain first, determine citizenship status later, deny rights — and refusing to work on immigration reform to start healing the division in this country, the GOP is not doing any favors for Latinos, let alone their own Latino members.

So, Sen. Reid’s question is a fair one to ask especially since many conservative Latinos now find themselves stuck in an uneasy middle between their own basic values and party loyalty.

Unfortunately, the same question bears repeating with a twist:

How do Latinos, who really believe and advocate the ideals of the Democratic Party, reconcile with the fact that their own party is instigating actions that adversely impact portions of the Latino community?

In what seems to be an effort to appease conservative critics, the Obama Administration is doing more to deport undocumented immigrants than any of his predecessors.

In a leaked memo published in the Washington Post, James M. Chaparro, head of ICE detention and removal operations, wrote that the goal for deportations for 2010 was 400,000.

On top of that, no longer would the Agency focus only on criminal immigrants but also “immigrants whose only violation was lying on immigration or visa applications or reentering the United States after being deported.”

It’s a direct contrast to what Obama promised the Latino community would happen.

Also, with the signing of the $600 million border security bill, Obama’s administration is focusing on an enforcement-only approach rather than a policy route — another promise made in the throes of a heated campaign for Latino votes.

It would seem that both parties are telling their Latino membership one thing and doing another.

It’s time for the hibernating giant to wake up and see what is happening and make some hard decisions as to who really deserves Latino votes.

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  • Karen
    August 17, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    Re: “Are Latinos really wanted by either Party?”
    No offense, but enough with the pity party. It’s not about any political party “wanting” you, but about asserting our rights as Americans and participating in the political process.
    As for deporting people who have lied on visa applications or who have reentered the country after being deported…that’s what happens when you break the law.
    I am in favor of immigration reform, but come on. You act like the law doesn’t apply to illegal immigrants at all.
    As for Obama, he lied to everybody during the campaign and pretty much everybody is unhappy with him.
    Instead of withdrawing from the political process, everybody should demand that the Democrats run somebody else in 2012. Otherwise we will end up with a right wing lunatic as president and that doesn’t benefit anybody.

  • Emma
    August 18, 2010 at 6:06 am

    You are right. As I have said before, the Latino activists must step up their game. The politicians do not care about chants and marches, they only care about getting re-elected. All Congressmen and candidates for Congress should be graded on their stance on immigration reform. Those who oppose immigration reform (like for instance Marco Rubio in Florida)or those who sit on the sideline should get a C or a D.
    Congress and Obama himself must be informed that inaction on immigration reform will be punished at the polls.

  • irma
    August 18, 2010 at 5:22 pm

    I have been a member of the Democratic party since I cast my first vote for President
    for Jimmy Carter.
    Since then I voted for every Democatic nominee for President save one. That person was Barak Obama.
    I sensed from the moment I first heard him speak- that he was disingenous in a way
    that went well beyond politics as usual.
    I suppose the first clue, came from the fact that he had written a biography about himself in which he paid tribute to a man
    who abandoned him and his mother.
    Moreover, it was clear to me that
    Barak Obama had very little respect or admiration for the family of his mother who raised him. They were thrown into a corner and never mentioned. I knew then that I could not vote for a person who had so little respect for his family.
    The Democratic party needs a new voice.
    Barak Obama’s message simply rings

  • chilaquil
    August 18, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    voten a todos fuera,con mayoria en congreso los imbeciles no se ponen de acuerdo en ningun bill.mucho menos en immigration

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