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Houston, we have a problem — and soon the rest of the nation will too.

LatinaLista — The Houston Chronicle reports that Rice University sociologist delivered some startling news to attendees at a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce gathering:

Houston, Texas

70 percent of Houstonians over the age of 60 are Anglo.
75 percent of Houstonians under the age of 30 are non-Anglo, mostly Hispanic.

Wonder why this is so troubling? Because the under-30 crowd who will be depended on to keep the economic engine of the city alive, as well as, contribute to the coffers of Social Security will for the most part be under-educated, doing low-skilled labor.
There won’t be much money to spare from their paychecks to supplement viejos on fixed incomes.
What’s happening in Houston, and other cities across the Southwest that are already majority Latino, is only the start of what is to come for the rest of the nation.
While the government is so intent on driving out immigrants, they should be more worried about going into those communities where immigrants live, alongside native-born Latinos, and get half as serious as they are about deportations, and fix up these schools, the curriculums and improve teacher quality.
This country won’t be fixed by the deportation of these people who by their very nature are more industrious than most native-born. This country, more than ever, must realize the future of this country rests with today’s children — the same who are native-born and whose parents are being deported.
An investment in the future of this country is to educate these children and keep them emotionally healthy so that they can be prepared to take this country to the next level of global competition.
Otherwise, the future will prove to be far more bleak than anyone could have dreamed.


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