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June 1 marks renewed urgency to observe Immigrant Heritage Month

LatinaLista — Though Washington may be retreating further and further from the global community, no amount of alternative facts can deny that the history of the United States is built on the foundation of immigrant service and contributions.

Four years ago, the non-profit created an initiative to remind Americans of the role of immigrants in our history and present-day society. The initiative set June as Immigrant Heritage Month. In 2016, a spin-off campaign launched dubbed ‘I Am an Immigrant.’

“Since even before our nation’s founding, immigrants have played an important role in shaping our country’s economy, culture and society. From food and fashion to music and academia, immigrants from all walks of life have enriched and built American culture and helped us become the world’s most powerful economic engine.,” President Todd Schultz said in a released statement. “Immigrant Heritage Month is a powerful reminder of how the United States’ shared immigrant heritage makes us stronger and more connected as a nation.”

In these trying times where immigrants, regardless of citizenship status, find themselves victims of racist verbal, political and physical attacks, the annual observance features a new twist — this year, it’s a year-long, call-to-action campaign encouraging Americans to support the immigrants in their lives.

Whether they are employees, friends, colleagues, constituents or neighbors, ‘I Stand With Immigrants’ hopes to encourage everyday Americans, public leaders, company managers and organizations to publicly show their support both online and in one of several events happening across the country.

To celebrate the first day of Immigrant Heritage Month, a new video has been released featuring some well-known celebrities who proudly proclaim and challenge the rest of us to say #IStandWithImmigrants.

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