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Rural Americans need a vote come Election Day

LatinaLista — Who would have thought that there would be two very important votes happening on November 4?
One vote, of course, is deciding which man goes to the White House. The other vote decides whether or not “to spread the wealth” of wireless telephone service.
Next Tuesday, while those who didn’t take advantage of early voting are waiting in long lines to cast their ballots for president, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will be holding a vote of their own. They will decide among an array of important issues. One vote will be deciding whether or not to consider a proposal to cut funding to build new cell telephone towers in the rural parts of America.
What’s the big deal?
For the over 48 million people who live outside major city limits and do some of the nation’s hardest work and live in some of the remotest areas, not to have a tool at their disposal that the rest of the country, even the world, now sees as a necessity defies explanation.
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