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It may be Halloween but this weekend is Day of the Dead

LatinaLista — In multicultural Latino households across the country, tonight is all about skeletons, candy and little ones that go bump (a.k.a. trick or treating) in the night.
Yet this weekend, in those same households, it’s all about skeletons, candy and remembering our loved ones who have passed away. This weekend is dedicated to Day of the Dead — Saturday remembers the children who have died; Sunday, the adults.
Day of the Dead is a special festive tradition with its own glossary and foods.
To mark the special holiday, there are certain traditions that families do this weekend to honor their deceased loved ones. One tradition is to have a party at the graves of their loved ones. Usually, the grave is decorated and the families enjoy a picnic at the site. It’s a way to include the deceased with life.

A Day of the Dead exhibit by artist Kate Schatz which appeared at the Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas, Texas. The crosses commemorate the memory of family members who died in a car accident.
The other tradition is to remember the loved ones with a special altar. Pictures, candles and mementos of the deceased are erected in homes as an offering to the person’s spirit.
Day of the Dead altars have also become popular artistic exhibits to not only showcase the Latino culture but to share the special tradition.

San Antonio, Texas landmark restaurant “Mi Tierra” erects a giant Day of the Dead altar outside their front doors. The small sign on the left says: “El Altar de Mi Tierra … Dedicated to the preservation of our Mexican Culture and Traditions.”

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