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U.S. officials wrong in celebrating fall of the Berlin Wall as work continues on our own border wall

U.S. officials wrong in celebrating fall of the Berlin Wall as work continues on our own border wall

LatinaLista — On this day, when so many dignitaries assemble in Germany toasting the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, it seems hypocritical that our country's leaders can't see that we are repeating what was considered the disgrace of Germany along our U.S.-Mexico border.

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Supporters of the U.S. wall say that our wall is not the same thing as the Berlin Wall. It's supposed to keep us safe from terrorists and violent drug cartels.

Yet, we've already seen proof that is not the case. Last month, more than 300 people were arrested in a series of drug raids targeting a Mexican drug cartel operating in the US.

Twenty years ago, the German people celebrated tearing down the Berlin Wall.


And in two separate domestic terrorist apprehensions -- Najibullah Zazi and Hosam Maher Husein Smadi -- neither one entered the country via our southern border.

No, it's clear that the wall has not achieved the purpose told to the American public. Instead, the wall has accomplished separating families on either side of the border, forced immigrants, who want to enter the country illegally to find work, to take the most dangerous routes into the country and disappear among the mountains and deserts never to be heard or seen again and wreaked havoc on a fragile environmental system.

The wall has not made this country safer but rather is the victorious symbol for a group of elected officials who let hysteria and influential immigration extremists control the immigration debate.

Even when a legislator from the impacted border area speaks out against the wall, those in Washington, who think they know better, dismiss his voice.



Texas state representative for District 40, Aaron Peña, resides in Edinburg, Texas. He writes in today's Rio Grande Guardian:

Interestingly enough and rightfully so, most Americans see it (the fall of the Berlin Wall) as a symbolic end of tyranny. Here in the borderlands of this country, on the edges of my legislative district, Americans forget that a similar wall was constructed (sadly with the help of misguided elected officials) separating family members and a singular community.

How long will it take the people of this country to see the contradictions in today's celebrations while we continue to construct our own wall in my community's backyard. I hope to live to see the day. In the meantime, I join in the celebrations ending this symbol of tyranny.

Here in South Texas we ask that our nation continue to remember this day, as we undoubtedly will, with the vivid and wasteful reminder that we live with here along the border. After the fear diminishes and the recognition of the enormous cost to our country is realized maybe we here on the border can find an additional reason to celebrate. Until then this day shall remain bitter-sweet.

Today is a day when all lovers of freedom can happily proclaim their rejection on any attempt to divide a people. In the words of a wise president, "Tear Down this Wall!"


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