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President’s health summit illustrates the disconnect some in Congress have with the poor

President’s health summit illustrates the disconnect some in Congress have with the poor

LatinaLista — For some reason, the United Kingdom newspaper, the Guardian, is running a two-day poll on their online site asking their readers to vote on who gave the "best performance" in President Obama's healthcare summit today.


So far, Democrats are outpacing Republicans. Last I checked, and the poll counts the results every 60 seconds, it was Democrats 60.6% vs. Republicans 39.4%.

President Obama convenes bipartisan healthcare summit.

It's not surprising that the newspaper used the terminology "best performance" because, as most anyone knows, politicians are at heart nothing more than hams for the camera.

Yet, there was a distinction between the two sides' presentations that permeated the event and made the Republicans emerge with egg all over their faces -- to go along with that ham, I guess.

Contrary to using this opportunity to present to the American people -- the very ones that most of them claimed didn't want the current healthcare bill -- a serious debate on the components of the bill and actually work with their Democratic colleagues, they chose to act in a way that illustrates why there is gridlock in Congress.

it's no wonder so many congressmen are leaving The Hill. With call after call from Republicans for Obama to just totally scrap his bill and start over, it doesn't take a genius to understand that "starting over" is double-speak for "I only vote for the Republican-authored bill."

Unfortunately, the big impression I am left with after this bipartisan show of divide is that most Republicans have no sincere wish to help Main Street USA. I say this because as each Republican criticized and was negative about the bill, with the exception of only a couple, there was a distinct lack of empathy for those constituents who lack healthcare or who are paying exorbitant premiums due to a pre-existing condition, if they can get health insurance.

Do Republicans really only represent the wealthy and Big Business - the same businesses that award their employees with big bonuses?

Obama told the men and women in attendance at the summit, and I'm paraphrasing, that each of them were part of the wealthy class with the benefits of having health insurance because of the federal pool they belong to.

What if they didn't have it?

Though it was rhetorical, it seemed to be a question no one was willing to answer.

How lucky they are that they live in a financial bubble shielded from the hard decisions too many Americans have to answer every day -- because they have no choice.


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