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Preserving Latino History in East Harlem with Augmented Reality

Preserving Latino History in East Harlem with Augmented Reality

By Geoff Montes Preservation Nation A type of digital imaging technology known as augmented reality (AR) is playing a starring role in an upcoming initiative that documents the Caribbean and Latino history of East Harlem in New York City. The project is called Mi Querido Barrio (“My Beloved Neighborhood”), and is the brainchild of Dr.


Citizen scientists needed for Audobon’s bird count

By Jenny Leonard Futurity The longest running citizen science survey in the world kicks off December 14. Tens of thousands of volunteers are expected to take part in the Audubon Christmas Bird Count, which continues through January 5. HOW THE COUNT HELPS BIRDS The data collected by observers over the past century allow researchers, conservation


Pros and Cons of Getting Your Bachelor’s Degree at a Community College

By Steve Nicastro NerdWallet Community colleges are commonly known as two-year institutions that provide an affordable pathway to a four-year degree. They’re a place where you knock out general courses, figure out what major you’ll pursue and where you’ll pursue it after your two years are up. But just like the Bob Dylan tune, “the


How to train a baby to learn language faster

By Rob Forman Futurity Brain scans show that training babies to distinguish language sounds from other sounds can speed up development in parts of the brain that are central to language skills. Researchers taught 4-month-old babies to pay attention to increasingly complex non-language audio patterns by rewarding them for correctly shifting their eyes to a