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Guest Voz: Play-by-play of the Latino athletes who have fumbled at being role models

Guest Voz: Play-by-play of the Latino athletes who have fumbled at being role models

By Rodolfo F. Acuña LatinaLista Last July, salsa singer Marc Anthony, responding to a question on television’s stereotyping of Latinos, answered that “the entertainment industry doesn’t owe us anything.” While Mr. Anthony is entitled to his opinion, he like all of us, who are Mexican American or Latino, owes something to our communities. A lot


Guest Voz: White House launches blog series explaining how Affordable Care Act benefits Latinos

By Katherine Vargas White House blog As part of our Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations, the White House is launching a new blog series focused on how affordable, quality health care can enhance the lives of Hispanic Americans. This week, we focus on how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will benefit young Latinos. Young adults are


Guest Voz: It’s a journey for Latino immigrants to learn to “simply just be”

By Ana Champagne LatinaLista I am a mental health clinician and a former refugee from Nicaragua – raised in two cultures or shall I say “two worlds”…”this one” and “that one” or “The Latina” and “The Americana.” Upon arrival in the U.S. from Nicaragua – I experienced firsthand the difficulty of acculturation and assimilation into


Guest Voz: Border Patrol Checkpoints: welcome wagons for whites

By Claire Maria O’Brien Eléctrica in the Desert It’s impossible to wrap one’s head around outraged government denials of racial profiling and general harassment of Latino people in the Southwest. Perhaps the best way to bring this virtual military occupation home to the rest of America is to focus on how Anglos are treated in


Guest Voz: “El Grito” Belongs to Texas Also

By Dr. Lino García, Jr. Rio Grande Guardian Ever wonder why Tejanos and other residents celebrate “El Grito” of September 16, 1810 on Texas soil? Simply because “El Grito” falls within the historical context of what was then called “La Nueva España” – 1521-1821 – and thus the “El Grito” of 1810 also liberated Tejanos


Guest Voz: Texas — prime example of a state government failing its people and derailing its future, thanks to one man

By Eliot Shapleigh Rio Grande Guardian EL PASO, TEXAS – In 2000, when George Bush left Austin to run for President, Rick Perry was quietly sworn in to become Texas’ 45th Governor. Rick Perry has now been in office longer than any Governor in Texas history. His stamp is on every appointee, every agency and