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Guest Voz: A new kind of housing bubble leaving Latino homebuyers with only dreams

Guest Voz: A new kind of housing bubble leaving Latino homebuyers with only dreams

By Rodolfo F. Acuña LatinaLista When I was growing up, relatives talked incessantly about retirement, which generally meant going to live with a daughter and her family. When social security kicked in some older relatives became more independent especially those who had bought a home and paid it off. They could rent out a room


Guest Voz: Chicano history reading more like a bad translation

By Rodolfo F. Acuña LatinaLista As we distance ourselves from the sixties, more and more Chicana/o monographs and dissertations are being written in translation. Many of the young scholars have never been involved in the civil rights movement, and much of what they write about the past is hearsay. Like any other secondhand narrative, it


Guest Voz: Why the Obama Administration Must Do More To Help Working-class Families on Housing

By Brent Wilkes America’s Wire WASHINGTON- By many accounts, the economy is prospering again and the housing market is on the road to recovery. But, reality is nowhere near as comforting as fiction, and the facts point to a very different reality faced by working families and minority communities, especially in the barrios. The Great


Guest Voz: (Ret.) Ambassador Antonio Garza — Mexico promises high stakes but big opportunities for the U.S.

By Antonio Garza, U.S. Ambassador (Ret.) LatinaLista This week’s meeting between Presidents Obama and Peña Nieto brings U.S.-Mexico relations to center stage. This second face-to-face between the two leaders occurs at a critical time in each presidency. Domestic reform efforts that have far-reaching implications for the bilateral agenda are underway in both countries. These include