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New Mexico’s Immigrant Women Rise against Domestic Violence

New Mexico’s Immigrant Women Rise against Domestic Violence

By Kent Patterson Frontera NorteSur Editor’s note: In continuing our series on gender violence issues, Frontera NorteSur offers the first of two articles on a New Mexico community organization that struggles against domestic violence in the Spanish-speaking immigrant community. Off a busy Albuquerque boulevard, one of the city’s most vital services goes on quietly with


Immigrants and the Great Recession: A do-it-yourself historical archive

By Luis Flores Borderzine BERKELEY – What is “public” about a public history? Is it that these historical narratives chronicle marginalized rather than elite stories? Is it that these types of stories can be publically available, on a website or public library, for anyone to access? Or is it, perhaps, that the goal of this


A little-known policy helps military spouses stay in U.S. legally

By Kendra Szabo Cronkite News Service Maria Quiring’s son was just months old the day the deportation notice arrived at her El Mirage home. Despite her marriage of five years to a U.S. Air Force serviceman, Quiring was ordered back to her native Mexico. “I was so afraid of the door,” Quiring said. “My little


Summit of ‘Wise Latinas’ gather to search for identity, validation and education

By Lucia Quinonez Borderzine EL PASO — It sounded like a fiesta, but between the laughter and loud chatter the group of some 80 Latina women examined the existential questions of identity and women’s rights. Organized here recently by Wise Latina International the women, who live on the U.S.-Mexico border, were challenged to identify, debate


Commentary / Comentario: Making the case for ethnic studies

By Frank X. Moraga AmigosNAZ As he surveyed the room, Sean Arce hit the play button and the video kicked in on the screen. Students, high school students, could be seen on the video rushing to sit and chain themselves to the chairs belonging to board members of the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD). What


Land, Migrants and Poets: The Day of the Dead 2013

By Kent Paterson Frontera NorteSur New Mexico and the borderland will come alive this weekend with activities related to the annual Day of the Dead celebration, which falls on Saturday, November 2, this year. As befits a cultural boom that is drawing in thousands and thousands of people, this year promises bigger and broader events