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Cuban journalist vows to reconnect Americans with their Hispanic roots by setting straight the historical record

LatinaLista — According to journalist and educator Miguel Perez, 2013 is a very important year for the United States — it’s the 500th anniversary of the nation’s discovery. Not by Christopher Columbus nor British colonists but by a Spanish conquistador named Juan Ponce de León. Ponce de León was looking for that elusive ‘Fountain of

New campaign strives to remember only all-Latino Army unit in history with Congressional Gold Medal

LatinaLista — The recent statehood vote in Puerto Rico, where the majority voted to become a US state, signifies a bittersweet paradox for Puerto Ricans serving in the military. Under its current commonwealth status, Puerto Ricans can enlist, and even be drafted, into service though they don’t have the right to vote in U.S. elections.

Bilingual posters about bracero program brings a DC exhibit to people everywhere

LatinaLista — Among the cool benefits of the Hispanic Heritage Month is that there is a heightened effort to bring the history of Latinos to the national forefront. Museums across the country incorporate local Latino contributions into their exhibits. Yet, there was one contribution, among many, that impacted the nation, as well as Mexicans —

Nation’s national parks getting in on Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations

LatinaLista — Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15-October 15, is in full swing (pardon the pun) but too many think it can only be celebrated in the “Little Mexico” or “Little Havana” sections of a city or at a one-time neighborhood parade, but that’s not true. More and more are learning that not all Latinos have

Summer road trip initiative sends five bloggers across the U.S. to ‘re-discover’ Latino heritage

LatinaLista — Latinos have a 400-year history of living, working and contributing to the culture and history of North America — but too many people think Latinos have only just arrived. What’s even sadder is that U.S.-born Latinos aren’t even aware of all the contributions prior generations of Latinos have made to this country. A new