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New website heralds Latinas’ roles in shaping U.S history

LatinaLista — Latinas have always been a part of U.S. history. Unfortunately, the stories have not always been as widely remembered and known as those of other women.
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Well, now there is a new website dedicated to teaching us all about the history of Latinas in the United States. Titled Latinas in History, the interactive website grew from the book “Latinas in the United States: A Historical Encyclopedia.”
The site features biographies, profiles, music, video and film clips to bring the stories of these notable Latinas to life and greater recognition by all. There are also even curriculum guides for teachers to use
The cool thing about the site is that, like history, it is evolving. The authors of the site admit they don’t yet have all the stories of the Latinas who deserve to be recognized and so they are asking readers to submit names of women they feel deserve to be included on the site.
All in all, this is a great step in setting the historical record straight and including the Latina story alongside others that were and are important in shaping this country’s past, present and future.

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