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New report highlights Latinos show ganas to earn degrees but still falling short

New report highlights Latinos show ganas to earn degrees but still falling short

LatinaLista — In 2013, 22% of Hispanic adults (25 years and over) had earned an associate degree or higher, compared to Asians (60%), Whites (46%), and African Americans (31%). ~ U.S. Census Bureau 2013 Current Population Survey It’s that single factoid that encapsulates the future of Latinos. Pretty dismal — and ironic since it’s been


New study finds historic high of Latino students achieved bachelor’s degrees in engineering and the physical sciences in 2012

LatinaLista — For all the talk about the lack of diversity in Silicon Valley, there’s some encouraging news on the horizon. The American Institute of Physics (AIP) Statistical Research Center conducted a study and found that more Latinos, than ever before, are receiving bachelor’s degrees in engineering and the physical sciences. In fact, Latino students


Too many Latino students battle low expectations from their teachers

LatinaLista — A new education study released by the Center for American Progress only reinforces what parents, researchers and students have long known — a teacher’s low expectation of her/his students goes a long way in impacting the self-esteem and future success of those students. The Power of the Pygmalion Effect followed a national representative


Another example of how education isn’t the great equalizer for many Latinos

LatinaLista — Yesterday, Latina Lista posted a story of the study that found community college graduates (of whom the majority are Latino) were less likely to be admitted to medical school. In talking to one of the authors of the study, UCLA Dr. Efrain Talamantes, he supplied one more interesting fact of his research. He


New study finds Latino community college graduates less likely to be admitted to medical school

LatinaLista — Latino students with big sueños, but not a lot of dinero, have traditionally opted to start their journey into higher ed at the community college. With costs at public 4-year colleges averaging $18,391 — and private nonprofit 4-year colleges ringing in at $40,917 — it’s no wonder Latinos make up the majority of


Video: Unique student housing initiative ensures Latino students graduate from college

LatinaLista — May is the month for graduations. Yet, not all students just graduate from school. Some students in Chicago also graduate from student housing, if they were part of the special La Casa student housing initiative. Founded two years ago by the Resurrection Project, La Casa student housing provides low-income students a full service