Bi-national/bilingual campaign asks everyone to be a hero in effort to raise $1 million by World Aids Day

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LatinaLista — Aside from the fight against terrorism, the only other battle that has united countries to pool resources and research to find a solution, or in this case a cure, is the fight against AIDS.

In our interconnected world these days, it’s not hard for diseases of any kind to bypass customs or border checkpoints and slip into countries as stowaways in a person’s lungs or blood. The global trail of AIDS has been tracked for over the last decade and while there are certain countries that suffer disproportionately from the disease, every country is impacted by it.

In the run-up to December 1, World Aids Day, a Spanish-English global campaign was launched asking everyone to be a hero by helping to raise $1 million by December 1.

Announced this week in New York City by Spanish singer Miguel Bose, the campaign is being coordinated by two organizations on different sides of the Atlantic — in New York through AID FOR AIDS (AFA), and in Barcelona, through the Fight Against AIDS Foundation,” (FLS, for its Catalan acronym).

The monies raised will be spent on research and development of an AIDS vaccine. People are asked to text the words “LIFE” or “VIDA” to 41010 or go to the website and donate online.

“This agreement is essential in the fight against AIDS and the request we are making, both here and in Barcelona is for all to raise our voices as one,” Bose said.

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