December 14, 2020

Today is “D” Day when it comes to ‘definitively declaring’ Joe Biden winner of the 2020 presidential election. Electoral College voters meet to cast votes for their respective states. Do we really think Trump and his followers will accept it? It’s also D Day when it comes to nationwide delivery of the vaccine. Yet, how do we know when we can trust the vaccine?; Could Latino voters make the difference in Georgia run-off Senate race?; A total solar eclipse is happening over Chile and Argentina today and NASA plans to livestream coverage of the event in Spanish; Mexican archeologists made another Aztec discovery. Go beyond the headlines…

Electoral College electors meet to cast their votes: Here’s how it works

How To Know When You Can Trust A COVID-19 Vaccine

Rising Latino voters could be force in Georgia Senate races

On Immigration, Activists’ Demands May Exceed Biden Realities

More US churches are committing to racism-linked reparations

There’s skepticism in minority communities about COVID-19 vaccines. Here’s how women of color can help swing the momentum.

NASA to Provide Spanish-Language Coverage, Livestream of Solar Eclipse

Recreating racism in VR to fight real racism

From FARC Guerrillas to Entrepreneurs – Ex Female Fighters in Colombia Becoming Self-Reliant

Mexican experts find 119 more skulls on Aztec ‘trophy rack’

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