January 4, 2022

It used to be politics was not a subject that served as chit-chat at get-togethers outside the Beltway. Not anymore. In that vein, there are 5 things to watch going into the Midterms; Another sad relic of the Trump era gets expanded to San Diego border; Digital bank drives financial inclusion among Hispanics; Is the Bible historically accurate?; and Artists create a new app honoring the life and loves of Breonna Taylor. Go beyond the headlines…

5 Things To Watch Going Into The Midterms

U.S. expands Trump-era border program to San Diego

Latino groups want to do away with “Latinx”

Map: See if the CDC recommends indoor mask use in the county where you live

Digital bank launched to drive Hispanic financial inclusion

Not all calories are equal – a dietitian explains the different ways the kinds of foods you eat matter to your body

An Archaeological Dig Reignites the Debate Over the Old Testament’s Historical Accuracy

Artists honor Breonna Taylor’s life in new app

A surge of evangelicals in Spain, fueled by Latin Americans

El Salvador Is Pinning All Its Hopes on Becoming the New Cryptoland

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