November 3, 2022

The latest polling show just how short-sighted a lot of people are. Of course, inflation is hammering everyone’s cost of living. Not to mention it’s impacting job, housing and food security. But voting for the GOP thinking they’re going to turn things around, especially since this is a global event, is such stupidity that it defies the mind. A WSJ poll found that white suburban women are trending Republican in races for Congress because of the economy. They’re forgetting that in electing GOP politicians they’re signing off any hopes of equal rights in the country — from the right to choose and women’s fundamental role in US society; the ability of transgender and gay people to be seen as whole human beings, equal voter access, etc. The reality is that inflation comes and goes but once politicians intent on power get into office it’s a lot harder to reverse the damage they created; Ukrainian soldiers are turning to a popular media platform to pick up new fighting skills; Why it’s important to pay down credit card debt fast; We’ve all heard about opioid addiction but did you know it makes guts burst?; and El Salvador got serious fighting gangs and ‘struck’ at the heart of it for families. Go beyond the headlines…

Republicans Are Just A Normal Polling Error Away From A Landslide — Or Wiping Out

Biden: ‘In our bones, we know democracy is at risk’

Ukrainian soldiers are picking up new skills — even from YouTube — to fight Russia

Undocumented farmworkers face disaster discrimination

Having Credit Card Debt Just Got More Expensive for Americans

Researchers find that 60% of home ‘compostable’ plastic doesn’t fully break down and ends up in our soil instead

Expert Explains How Opioids Caused a Celebrity’s Gut to Burst

Gas Is The New App That Wants To Uplift High Schoolers

El Salvador fights gangs by destroying members’ tombstones

Guatemala used US-sourced jeeps to ‘intimidate’ US Embassy: GAO report

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