November 4, 2022

Disgusting reports are surfacing of how GOP supporters are actually going door-to-door scaring people into thinking if they vote they’re committing a crime. Couple that with the overnight news of Trump announcing at a rally that he would “very, very, very probably” run again in 2024 and the path the GOP is on is the scariest we’ve seen in US history; And so what do you do if someone challenges your right to vote? There are specific things to do and say; Will the Supreme Court disregard precedent again?; Though fingers like to be pointed at individuals as being racist, or organizations of practicing discrimination, the media industry has their own problems with racism and now there’s a ‘calculator’ to prove it; One of the biggest drawbacks of buying an electric vehicle (EV) is the worry of not finding a charging place when you need more juice. Now, there’s an app to help for that. Go beyond the headlines…

What to do if your vote is challenged on Election Day

With affirmative action in Supreme Court peril, changes could ripple beyond schools

A GOP Official Is Allegedly Knocking on Doors to Tell People They Can’t Vote

New calculator tackles inequality in missing persons stories

People in jail often can’t vote, even though they’re eligible

How documentary-style films turn conspiracy theories into a call to action

American Pilots Score Low For This One Particular Psychological Trait

An app helping people charge their EVs when energy is cheapest and cleanest

‘Brazilians tired of him’: how Bolsonaro the ‘unfloppable’ flopped

The unlikely partnership between Mexican drug cartels and white supremacists

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