September 2, 2022

President Biden delivered a forceful condemnation of the GOP’s MAGA faction, and it was about time. For too long, we, as a nation, have allowed Trump and his cronies to normalize abnormal behavior and attitudes. In MAGA world, gaslighting is the norm, along with, lying and absurd defenses of Trump’s own lying, cheating, scamming and threatening behavior. Biden may not be as charismatic as the delusional Trump but at least he evokes trust – something Americans don’t have with the GOP/Trump; MAGA followers like to threaten that if Trump is prosecuted there’ll be a civil war. Well, according to a new analysis the risk of civil unrest is not foreseen just for the US; Is DACA in its last days?; Spend too much time hunched over the keyboard? Here’s 4 exercises to help; and the people of Michoacán, Mexico just got some very, very bad news. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden addresses nation: ‘Too much of what’s happening … today is not normal’

Risk of civil unrest surging in more than half of the world’s countries, analysis says

Texas, Arizona bus migrants to U.S. cities, and now Chicago. Here’s what could happen next

With a court ruling looming, young Texas immigrants prepare for the possible end of DACA

CDC endorses updated COVID boosters, shots to begin soon

4 exercises that can prevent (and relieve!) pain from computer slouching and more

Your ‘sleep age’ may predict your mortality

New app keeps track on venomous snakes

Researcher warns that over 70% of Michoacán Mexico’s water resources are contaminated

Newly Discovered 1000 BC Pacopampa Priest’s Tomb in Peru Is Turning Heads

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