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Viernes Video: New film creates ‘horror’ out of Cinco de Mayo

Viernes Video: New film creates ‘horror’ out of Cinco de Mayo

LatinaLista — It was bound to happen. The popularity of Cinco de Mayo rises to new levels every year among those who want to commercially exploit this day in Mexican history for American profit, but this year has reached a whole new level. This year, Cinco de Mayo is the subject of a new horror

Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto welcomes President Obama.

White House: Joint Statement between the United States and Mexico

At the invitation of President Enrique Peña Nieto, President Barack Obama travelled to Mexico City on May 2-3 to discuss the broad range of bilateral, regional, and global issues that bind the United States and Mexico and touch the daily lives of citizens of both countries. Building on their positive initial meeting in Washington, D.C.

National sun prevention campaign targets Latino schoolchildren with bilingual message on importance of sunscreen usage

LatinaLista — Though it’s snowing and blustery this week in most parts of the country, summer is just a few weeks away and so is the end of school. That means kids will be playing, swimming and hanging outside more than ever. And if this summer is anything like past summers with record temperatures and

US to Open Security Training Center for Central American Journalists

By Michael Tatone InSight Crime The US government is to open a security training center for Central American journalists in an attempt to plug the gap left by the regional authorities’ inability to protect journalists threatened by organized crime groups. The center will be based in El Salvador and will support journalists in El Salvador,

Sabio aims to train Latinos, women as tech workers

Sara Inés Calderón Más Wired Sabio is an organization that aims to help unemployed women and minorities become tech workers through an intensive boot camp and targeted networking with tech professionals. Currently the group is competing in the LA2050 challenge in an effort to seek funding. Co-founder Gregorio Rojas worked 14 years programming in a

Cinco de Mayo. Not Cinco de Drinko —Ongoing war between cultural identity vesus American marketing.

By Frank X. Moraga AmigosNAZ A cultural battle is being waged on the streets of America and those fighting it must at times feel like the Mexican patriots on May 5, 1862 — shivering during a cold morning in their white peasant shirts and pantalones, straw sombreros and huarache Mexican sandals, carrying rusty and antiquated