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Just in time for July 4, Carnegie Corporation launches web site celebrating the immigrant story

LatinaLista — Andrew Carnegie is a name that has withstood the test of time. The immigrant from Scotland is remembered as much for his philanthropy as his success in creating a million-dollar steel empire. His name lives on today in his 102-year-old namesake Carnegie Corporation of New York, a foundation that Carnegie envisioned would accomplish “real and permanent good in this world.”

A part of that good is recognizing the value of immigrants. Ever since 2006, the Carnegie Corporation of New York has taken out a full-page ad in the New York Times on the 4th of July highlighting the contributions of naturalized U.S. immigrants. This year, the Corporation lists 43 highly accomplished naturalized citizens.

From Liz Balmaseda, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist from Cuba and Ranan Lurie, an Israeli international political cartoonist to German composer André Previn and Pakistani author Bapsi Sidhwa, the Carnegie Corporation is intent on showing how immigrants enrich the country.

This year, the annual list won’t just be published in the New York Times but on a new web site launched by the Corporation.

Great Immigrants the Pride of America features the pictures of this year’s selection, along with, those of past years. However, the site doesn’t just feature those naturalized immigrants who are famous or wealthy; but is also actively asking for anyone with an immigrant story to share their’s on the site.

And of course, no site by the Carnegie Corporation would be complete without a timeline of their founder and how Carnegie himself began his life impoverished in a Scottish village and rose to become one of the most powerful American industrialists.

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