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New Toolkit to Help Reach Latinas with Culturally Relevant Breast Cancer Info


A new online toolkit aims to help community organizations across the nation deliver culturally and language-appropriate breast cancer information to Latinas.

The toolkit, developed by Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Mexican Embassy, offers free resources to both experienced and novice breast cancer educators working in the Latina community, providing culturally-specific communication resources including tips, sample talking points, breast cancer statistics, methods to address barriers to care as well as overview videos in English and Spanish.

“This Toolkit is a vital resource for addressing the trends we are seeing among Hispanic/Latina women,” said Komen President and CEO Dr. Judy Salerno, in a statement. “It’s essential that women are knowledgeable about this disease so that they will be empowered to take action to potentially reduce their risk of breast cancer, to approach their health care provider if they notice a change in their breast, or to simply ask questions.”

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in U.S. Latinas.

Compared to non-Hispanic white women, Hispanic/Latina women are more likely to be diagnosed with more advanced, larger and/or more difficult-to-treat breast cancer tumors. This difference has been largely attributed to longer intervals between mammograms as well as the lack of timely follow-up of an abnormal mammogram.

“This Toolkit is a valuable resource that will greatly…educate women about breast cancer screening and care,” said Eduardo Medina Mora, Ambassador of Mexico to the United States.

Go here to access the toolkit (registration required to access certain portions).

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