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Bilingual Education Takes a New Form in California

By Jazzmyne Bogard


With the passing of prop 227 in 1998, which put a ban on bilingual education, many thought bilingual learning had come to an end. This ban on language learning was not because California didn’t need bilingual education in its school system, but it helped create the need for finding new forms of bilingual learning.

In the past, non-English speaking students who entered the public school system were isolated from the rest of the class, pulled out and provided language support. This format discouraged bilingual education and isolated students, but paved the way for a new form of learning called dual immersion.

Although dual immersion programs have existed in the U.S. since 1962, they did not surged until mid-1980s, when bilingual education was under attack by the English-only movement. Today, 422 schools in 227 school districts across the nation have dual immersion programs, according to the directory of the Center for Applied Linguistics. California leads the nation with 80 school districts and 133 schools.

In the Los Angeles metro area, one school district in particular has taken this form of learning to a whole new level and is continuously gaining popularity and growing interest among parents…

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