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Chicago hosts its first edition of Bolero Festival

By Mayra Buitron
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On May 31, the Copernicus Center in Chicago will host the first edition of the Festival del Bolero, a genre full of romance. The evening promises to be a success with its artistic presentations by the legends Trio Los Panchos from Mexico, Danny Rivera and Nelson Gonzalez from Puerto Rico.
The concert aims to bring together people of all ages, tastes and ideologies to enjoy an evening of classic songs from the Golden Age of the Music of Latin America. The bolero is a symbol of love and longing, one that allows the singer to passionately express the vicissitudes of love and heartbreak. It doesn’t limit itself to a few instruments, yet the guitar and clarinet are the infallible companions.

Cuba is accredited to being the creator of the musical genre. However, other Spanish-speaking countries were the ones to expand it on the musical spectrum. The trios with guitars and requintos were slowly giving a way to a genre that became one of the most popular of that era.

Los Panchos were heirs to the original legendary trio who popularized the bolero. Trio Los Panchos are part of the stellar presentation. This generation of talent celebrated its 70th anniversary under the direction of Gabi Vargas, who has 35 years with the group.

Gabriel “Gabi” Vargas Aguilar began his career at age 7 when Alfredo Gil, founder of the original trio, discovered his talent. “Music is my whole life since I can remember,” he said. Aguilar said he is happy and eager to please the people of Chicago. “Singing bolero is sharing a feeling, singing romantically.”

Danny Rivera, known as the “national voice of Puerto Rico” will be…

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