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The Growing Latino Literary Market

Annika Darling


It is estimated that Latinos in the U.S. will purchase over $500 million in books this year – in both English and Spanish. This is a reflection of how rapidly the Latino literary world is growing, a trend not only seen in readership but in the growing quality and quantity of books by Latino authors.

So far, 2014 has been an incredible year for Latino authors. The International Latino Book Awards proved this in June. The ILBA saw a 41 percent increase in entries, and as a result had to nearly double the amount of judges from 2013. Kirk Whisler, co-founder of Latino Literacy Now, stated that “the judges glowed about the quality or the entries.”

Among the 231 honorees at the prestigious ILBA, was Carlos B. Vega, Ph.D, who won first place in the Best History Book category for his book: Our Hispanic Roots: What History Failed To Tell Us, 2nd ed.

In Our Hispanic Roots, Vega uncovers the truth about the Hispanic contribution to the making of the United States. The book is rooted with deep honesty and undeniable facts. It is eye opening, informative and inspiring.

“It felt truly great, very fulfilled as an author,” says Vega, of his first place award. “It is an outstanding award in which hundreds of talented Hispanic authors participate every year.”

To his success, Vega attributes perseverance and faith as well the topic in which he chose to write about. “Writing about a subject matter that really counts,” he says, “that makes a difference in bringing to the forefront greater awareness and understanding.”

It has been theorized, as of late, that the great increase in the Latino literary market is due to…

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