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Houston station’s first Latina anchor publishes autobiography

By Jorge Santiago
The Venture

Former anchor for Houston’s KTRK ABC 13, Minerva Perez has flourished on the radio, television and now is hoping to flourish in a new adventure as an author.

Early in her career, Perez worked several jobs to make ends meet, and pay for college at Pan American University. She worked at a radio station in The Valley called 710 AM KURV Radio, Univision América KGBT Radio 1530 AM in Spanish, and then transferred over to KGBT TV Newscenter 4 in Harlingen, TX, all while juggling work at Zales during certain times of the year.

Fast forward a couple of years, and Perez became the first Latina anchor for Houston’s ABC 13. She also has been one of the first reporters to break stories, to talk to the father of Tejano singer Selena after her death, and the first to interview Ben Reyes following his release from prison.

After 15 years with ABC 13, Perez finally decided to leave on her own terms and take a break. In her time away from the hustle and bustle of news reporting, Perez has remained busy. She is the co-host and partner of a cable show called Latina Voices, she is owner and president of Minerva Perez Media, LLC and now an author.

Perez just released her own autobiography titled, “I Gotta Story: My 30 years in TV News”. After being inspired by George Dawson, a man who learned how to read at the age of 98-years-old and then wrote his own life story, Perez felt compelled to tell her story too.

The Venture: What was your plan after leaving KTRK? Minerva Perez: I had a plan to breathe; I’d been going 100 miles an hour for almost 16 years. I didn’t even realized what I had done until I left and that was the best thing I did for myself, is leave.

TV: Why did you write your book?

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