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San Antonio food bank culinary program a success, honored with USPS stamp

By Amanda Lozano
La Prensa de San Antonio

After 18 weeks of learning the fundamentals of cooking, the students of the Culinary Training Program at the San Antonio Food Bank have finally completed their curriculum.

It wasn’t easy, but seeing that people, local shelters and children were enjoying the food they cooked made it worth it. Now the end has come, and it’s time to move on to bigger and better endeavors.

The San Antonio Food Bank’s culinary program teaches students the same training they would receive in accredited culinary schools. In addition, the training also includes Diabetes prevention, ServSafe Managers instruction and certification: a food safety program, and how to cook healthy meals.

In remembrance of the 2014 San Antonio Food Bank’s Culinary Training Program graduates, the United States Postal Service unveiled a new special series of mailing stamps.

Stamp collectors, and cooking connoisseurs can rejoice. Culinary Forever is a tribute to five chefs that took the world by storm and revolutionized the understand- ing and beauty of cooking to the American household. Sugar and carb-free, these stamps pay tribute without stepping a foot out into the kitchen.

James Beard, Julia Child, Joyce Chen, Edna Lewis and Felipe Rojas-Lombardi are digitally illustrated in a style meant to resemble an oil painting.
Pioneers in the cooking industry, the five chefs introduced international foods and recipes to America; creating a fusion of American cooking techniques to make easy, delicious, hands on recipes.

Their passion for the art of cooking helped others to try their own recipes and make their own culinary adventure; much like these new graduates are to embark on.

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