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San Antonio public transit offers free rides on Election Day

By Christina Acosta
La Prensa

VIA Metropolitan Transit an­nounced Wednesday morning that they will provide complimentary rides throughout San Antonio on Election Day.

Starting on March 1, The “Ride VIA to Vote,” will offer free pub­lic transportation on municipal, state and federal election days for those interested in using their right to vote.

“VIA’s board and staff under­stand that civic participation is vital to sustaining the continued prosperity of our great region. It is also important to ensure that future generations will enjoy a high quality of life right here in our beloved community,” said Hope Andrade, chair of VIA Metropolitan Board of Trustees.

“VIA is committed to provide enhanced access and allow our community to exercise their right to vote, one of the most important privileges as Americans. We must make sure that we provide con­nections for people who work, go to school and play throughout our community.”

The “Ride to VIA to Vote” will provide complimentary public transportation throughout the VIA service area to passengers who present a valid voter reg­istration card to the bus or the van operator when boarding on Election Day.
This includes regular bus ser­vice and VIAtrans paratransit service. Registered VIAtrans customers must schedule their trip in accordance with VIAtrans policies and procedures.

“This is a significant step that will remove an obstacle on a way to vote… Every segment of society whether individuals, businesses or the community will benefit from the resource of public transportation. It expands polling locations for many to have the opportunity to take part in this most important right we have, which is our right to vote,” said City of San Antonio Councilman Ron Nirenberg from District 8.

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