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Deferred Action has benefited more than 400,000 young Mexicans

By Erasmo Martínez Martínez
Rio Grande Guardian


McALLEN, TX — Last Friday, August 15th, marked two years since the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA) entered into force.
Since then, the Embassy of Mexico and the network of 50 consulates in the United States have engaged in an effort to take care of the essential needs of young Mexicans who meet the requirements to apply for this program.

When DACA was announced, the Mexican Government deployed ongoing outreach and legal assistance campaigns that have helped 427,653 Mexicans benefit from the program, turning Mexico into the country of origin with the highest percentage of citizens benefitting from DACA and with the highest acceptance rate.

Consular activities have included informative and legal assistance sessions; timely and thoughtful response to the volume and particularities of documentation requirements; as well as, strengthening the relationships with civil society organizations and US authorities. Mexico has used social media and new technologies to inform and empower the Mexican community.

One example of those tools is the free consular services app “MiConsulmex”.

From the beginning of DACA through this past July, the consular network had organized more than four thousand activities including information sessions, workshops, legal clinics and education fairs. Furthermore, it scheduled additional workdays to provide support services to dreamers who needed to obtain their passports or consular ID cards.

In these two years, the consular network has offered information to more than 300,000 young Mexicans and has individually helped…

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