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Carter’s remarks on racism don’t even scratch the surface

LatinaLista — In the aftermath of former President Jimmy Carter’s assessment that racism is fueling this unprecedented backlash against President Obama, nobody seems to want to agree with him.

Former President Jimmy Carter
The White House couldn’t distance itself quick enough nor did Republicans waste any time in denouncing Carter’s statement.
But the sad fact is that racism has seeped back into the American psyche in a big way and not in a subtle manner, especially against Latinos.
This point is abundantly clear in an otherwise mundane piece of reporting found in The Dallas Morning News.

U.S. marshals arrested a Pleasant Grove man who Dallas police say is responsible for his mother’s death.
Cesar Dan Hernandez-Sandoval, 20, was apprehended without incident this week in Las Vegas, four months after the death of his mother, Esther Hernandez, 43. Detectives had searched for Hernandez-Sandoval since he disappeared May 10 when his mother’s body was found in her Pleasant Grove home.
Police initially believed that Hernandez-Sandoval, who is in the U.S. legally, fled to Mexico.
Dallas police detectives were in Las Vegas interviewing Hernandez-Sandoval on Wednesday. His extradition was pending.

Why has it become necessary to give the legal status of Latinos?
There are plenty of examples of other ethnicities who have escaped to Mexico to avoid arrest. Yet, we have reached a point in our society where it is now necessary to give the legal status of Latino subjects in articles.
If this isn’t a sign of racism then, as a nation, we’ve become too complacent and accepting of discrimination.

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