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Clinton Foundation challenges everyone to “Take Initiative” in honor of 40th anniversary of Earth Day

LatinaLista– While his wife is busy trying to diffuse one global crisis after another, former President Bill Clinton has been busy, among other things, with doing his part to find longterm solutions to a variety of global crises, through his foundation known as the Clinton Foundation.

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Clinton started his Foundation as a way to focus on issues where he could make the most difference as a former president living as a private citizen. The issues Clinton focuses on are: global climate change, HIV/AIDS in the developing world, childhood obesity and economic opportunity in the United States, and economic development in Africa and Latin America.

But Clinton knows if he can make a difference, so can everyone else. It doesn’t take money or even who you know to change things in the world — it just takes action.

So, in special observance of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, the Clinton Foundation has created the “Take Initiative” Earth Day campaign.

The campaign challenges everyone to make a difference by doing a number of different, but easy, things posted at the site:

1. Take an online quiz about climate change. For every person who takes the quiz, $2 will be donated towards buying solar flashlights for the people living in the camps in Haiti. If 100,000 people take the quiz, 20,000 flashlights can be distributed in the Haitian camps.

2. Learn about the climate issue by reading about the different projects the Clinton Foundation is sponsoring around the world.

3. Participate in a local Earth Day event.

To cap off the campaign, former President Clinton will host an online forum at the Foundation’s website where questions can be submitted for him to answer and discuss.

But none of these things can be accomplished unless we all Take the Initiative!

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