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Curandero: Bringing balance into your life is as easy taking a deep breath and protecting your energy

By Bobby Sanchez
The Curandero of Dallas

We start our day off with waking up to the energy of life. As we rise from bed, we feel ourselves stretch as we begin to organize, or balance, our thoughts for what the day has planned for us. A simple way to look at it is that our body is the battery that energizes the soul and powers our every movement. It’s the yin and yang that lives within us in all that we do.

We all strive for a balanced life no matter how peaceful or stressful our lives are. When we feel imbalanced inside of ourselves, all that is around us is off balance too!

Look deep inside of you and see if you feel right about your life and the way you live. If you see something you do not like, now is the time to change it. To change one’s energy is to let go of what is not working for you. It may be a job or a relationship or something that is holding you back.

Energy is a force inside of us that flows when we are happy or stops when we are upset. Learn to not let those around you affect what happens in your life, or it will throw your life into an imbalanced state. It’s this imbalance that can cause the physical body to be sick simply because of the amount the stress being exerted on the body it.

The first step to heal yourself and strengthen your energy is to think positive thoughts and meditate. You also boost your energy levels with deep breathing. Consider your energy a sacred force that needs protection. To protect it, visualize youself in a ball of white energy that protects you from the negative influences. Visualize that this shield only allows the thoughts and energy of love, peace and other positive energy to enter it. Then make this ball as large as you feel comfortable.

If you want only to protect yourself, visualizing a small energy ball is sufficient. However, if you want your home to be protected, you should make this ball of energy bigger than your home. This is a great exercise to practice to protect yourself if negative people surround you or you think that someone is using your energy. You’ll know when this happens because you will feel drained after talking to someone.

Our energy is a powerful force and as you get more in tuned with yourself, you will recognize, if you haven’t already, how vital it is for leading a balanced and positive life. As someone in a far-off galaxy once said — “May the force be with you.”

Bobby Sanchez is a practicing curandero in the North Texas region. Having studied with Peruvian and Colombian shamans and curanderos, Bobby uses a holistic approach in his practice where he removes disharmonies of the mind, body, and spirit through ritual cleanings, energy work, divination and prayer.

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