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Curandero: We are never alone

By Robert Sanchez
The Curandero of Dallas

Since the beginning of time, there has always been a light that has shone down upon us giving us direction to all that exists. Everywhere the light danced, there were spirits contacting us. But time passed and many stopped seeing the light because of the distractions in their lives.

The wise ones of our time kept silent about what they saw and could hear. It wasn’t long before we could no longer hear the Spirits. The other side of the ‘veil’ would soon only contact those of pure hearts.

What’s the veil?

Like the veil used in weddings to cover the eyes, the invisible veil acts to separate us from the spirit world.

Now that you know what blocks us, isn’t it time we learn how to reconnect to our spirit guides? First, you have to know who can be your spirit guide.

A spirit guide can either be an Angel or a loved one who is passed but still connected to you. A lot depends on your beliefs, culture or upbringing on who you believe can be your spirit guide. To some people, they are fairies or unicorns. To others, animals like the wolf or the bear. It doesn’t matter — the one who is connected to you will come forward when the time is right!

You may ask, Why do I need a spirit guide?

Well, there are several reasons to contact them — if you need spiritual direction or a healing, or maybe you are just feeling lonely. They are always there for you in your time of need, just like an old friend.

Curious about how to contact them?

First, find a quiet place to sit and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and release. Continue for about 30 seconds or until you feel your body begin to relax and each muscle releases the tension. Next, focus on your breath and how it sounds when being released. Now, focus on the way your body feels when you inhale each breath and how you are feeling lighter and lighter.

I want you to imagine yourself standing at the top of some stairs in a second-story house. Step down each step till you reach the bottom. At the bottom of the stairs is a door to the outside. Open the door. See and feel the bright light warming your face. Walk outside and notice a field of grass all around you.

Continue to feel the sun shining down on your face and its warm feeling. Walk into the middle of the field and find a place to sit where you can watch everything around you. Notice in the distance someone or something walking up to you. This is your Spirit Guide.

Don’t doubt what you’re seeing because it is very real!

If you ask your guide what their name is, they will tell you. Ask them to give you a message. After receiving it please give the spirit a special thanks.

Watch them walk away then begin your trip back to the house. Go through the front door and climb the stairs — walk up each step, going up and up till you reach the top. You are finished with your trip to the other side of the spiritual veil.

If you learn to see the light in everything you do, the messages will get clearer every time! All it takes is a clear mind and happiness from within to reach your spiritual path!

The most important thing to remember is you are never really alone.

Bobby Sanchez is a practicing curandero in the North Texas region. Having studied with Peruvian and Colombian shamans and curanderos, Bobby uses a holistic approach in his practice where he removes disharmonies of the mind, body, and spirit through ritual cleanings, energy work, divination and prayer.

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