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Dealing with Post-Holiday Syndrome

La Prensa de San Antonio.- The time has come to get back into the discipline of work after enjoying a relaxing, worry and stress-free vacation. Many office workers suffer from similar symptoms -they can’t concentrate, fight to keep their eyes open, feel generally exhausted and are not in the mood to work.
It’s not some disease, but results from being too relaxed during the past holiday week. You experience a shock when returning to work to face new and challenging tasks. You’ve finally realized that Christmas is over, the bank account is bare and the long, cold nights of January and February stretch ahead.
The feeling of millions of people returning to work used to be known simply as “the blues.”
But now, if you’ve just got back from the holidays and cannot settle into work again, you’re probably suffering from Post-Holiday Syndrome.
Psychologists have researched this condition, which they describe as a general feeling of discomfort on having to get back to work. People will experience symptoms like tiredness, lack of appetite, muscle ache and anxiety. But not to worry -there are ways to get back into a routine and boost your spirits after your break.
Don’t go straight back to work. It’s difficult …
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