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Democrats create site to reinforce message of “Progress”

LatinaLista — Long before the candidates were announced for the upcoming November elections, politics has been nastier than usual.

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A day doesn’t go by that the “American people” are not being told what a lousy job the Democrats are doing. According to their critics, no progress has been made under their leadership.

The barrage of insults travels both ways.

Anyone who has watched enough partisan politics at play over the years knows that a lot of the rhetoric is just that, rhetoric — no matter which side is doing the talking.

Yet, the Democrats are feeling the heat and now want to show people exactly how much progress has actually been made under them — not just on a national level but in local communities.

With the creation of the new site Progress, the Democrats hope to convince people that it hasn’t been as much doom-and-gloom as their opponents say.

At the site, people can find out how their state benefited from Washington’s handling of issues in such areas as: small business, the economy and jobs, health care and education.

Yet, the site takes it to another level by allowing visitors to enter their zip codes and get a more hyperlocal snapshot of what extent the neighborhood community has benefited from decisions in Washington.

While someone will probably challenge the numbers, it’s a start to see concretely just how badly or well the Democrats are doing.

It would be nice to see the GOP establish a similar site illustrating their accomplishments as well.

The American People deserve a truth free of exaggeration and manipulation, but it’s understood that when it comes to politics that may be too much to ask.

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