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Fired CNN anchor Rick Sanchez creates his own online TV domain — Whatever happend to former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez? After speaking his mind a little too freely on a radio program about Jon Stewart, along with what he thought about other Jews, the high profile Latino anchor was dismissed — quickly from his post.

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The fact that he was promoting a newly released book during the same time probably didn’t help his book sales. He just seemed to disappear even though he profusely apologized for his statements.

Yet, people in the media are like politicians — they never go away; they just reinvent themselves. The same is true with Rick. If he can’t be on a TV network, he’ll just create his own.

He’s calling it

The site seems to still be under development and it’s not clear if Sanchez will be creating his own original programming or not but it must be a new business for him since he’s now back on Facebook and promoting the site from there as well.

Ironic to note that on his Facebook page he announces he will be participating in a public dialogue with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in New York City on Jan. 13.

Though it would seem people in the media reinvent themselves, they just can’t get away from having to prove it all the time.

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