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Illinois bill assumes all Latinos and blacks are gang members

LatinaLista — When it comes to guns, I’m not a fan. Yeah, I’ve heard all the “Constitutional arguments” for them and even saw that the Texas State Board of Education felt the need to emphasize the right to carry firearms in citizenship lessons in their tentative new curriculum standards for the state’s school textbooks, but still not a fan.


It’s one thing to live in Alaska where the probability of coming face-to-face with a wild animal is high or even going hunting where there is a necessity to carry a gun but when I saw a young father settling his kids down to enjoy their Happy Meals at a McDonalds in Oklahoma with his pistol holstered around his jeans, I just prayed that this guy didn’t have a short fuse when it came to kids leaving half-eaten burgers to go play in the on-site playground.

Guns in anyone’s hands is a risk to society, especially when they’re moving about society.

That’s why the premise behind the Illinois House Bill 6123 is admirable — prohibiting any person or entity from selling a firearm to a so-called “street gang member.”

The problem is too many people have preconceived images of what a street gang member looks like — black and Latino!

With that preconceived notion that every young, baggy pants, corn-rolled, tatted up black or brown-skinned boys must belong to a gang, HB 6123 would legally justify racial profiling in its most blatant form yet.

While its true that a sign of some gangs is to wear their clothes in this manner or have tattoos, the opposite is also — not every young Latino who adopts these ways are in gangs.

This law takes the liberty of slapping a detrimental label on young black and Latino boys (and girls) without the right for them to defend themselves.

Sponsored by Rep. Harry Osterman (D-14), this prohibition applies even if the individual has passed a Brady Law FBI background check. Making a prohibited sale would result in Class 1 felony charges and possible jail time for the seller.

There’s no question that gang violence is getting deadlier and less discriminate but instead of passing a law that blankets guilt on a person just because of the way they look, there have to be stronger laws against guns for everyone.

There has to be more community vigilance in neighborhoods where gun shots are heard; laws with harsh punishments and no parole for a minimum of a number of years must be implemented; gun education must be taught in schools to deter children from thinking that carrying a gun, and/or, using it is cool.

In fact, a lot more energy needs to be applied to prevention of guns getting out on the streets and that will take work.

It doesn’t take any work at all to make assumptions.

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  • Veronica
    March 15, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    Um, how are they supposed to know if someone is a gang member? Oh hell…time to get on the phone.

  • John
    March 15, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    This is what I don’t understand. Are you for immigrants, or is your immigrant stance simply a curtain for your pro-democrat fervency? The democrat party is corrupt and lying to America. It is hostile to the Catholic church. If you were really about protecting Immigrants, you should be able to dismiss the democrat party. So what is the real agenda here? Are you fighting for Immigrants, or are you a pawn of the corrupt, lying frauds called the DNC? And no, I’m not a republican. Like most immigrants, I am independent, and not a pawn of the most corrupt DC environment to ever exist since the days of slavery.

  • Teabaggers with guns
    March 16, 2010 at 1:23 am

    Seems to me that there are plenty of right wing teabaggers who are bringing their guns to HCR rallies. They’re carrying them in full view and within close proximity to President Obama. Texas is led by a Governor who wants to secede from Texas. Texas need to pay closer attention to politics as their kids are going to lose out on knowing true history.

  • Texan123
    March 16, 2010 at 11:11 am

    I do not understand how gun sellers could possibly know who is a gang member. Those who legally sell guns must have a license and meet government regulations.
    When a person buys a gun, they must have valid ID, fill out registration form and pass a background check before buying a weapon. To apply for a permit to carry a weapon, the restrictions and qualifications are more stringent. The background check is extensive and any arrest record may disqualify you. You submit all TEN fingerprints, submit photo for permit, and pass a gun range shooting course. The concealed handgun course is 8 hours long with 6 hours on Law and the consequences of firing your gun in self defense.
    Rest assured that anyone you see carrying an unconcealed weapon in states that allow that, has been checked and law enforcement has all their info on file.
    We should worry more about the gangs and home invaders who use guns illegally for criminal activity. It is the people without the permit who are a threat. More often than not, the person with a legal gun permit will only use it to save the life of himself or to protect his family.

  • SDOG
    March 16, 2010 at 11:14 am

    wow, i have seen some crazy stuff in my life, and this is close to the top. Gang dudes DO NOT buy their firearms from STORES. why is this a difficult concept? why would you buy a gun with numbers that can be traced to you if the weapon was intended for use in a crime? i have worked in the the BOP system in the past and ALL of the offenders under my watch got their guns ILLEGALLY, on the street with untraceable serial numbers, this is the most basic premise of criminal activity, try not to incriminate yourself.
    it is clear that the writer of this garbage had ZERO law enforcement, or criminal justice consultation prior to this announcement.

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