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International conference focuses on Women Redefining Democracy

LatinaLista — This past weekend, 130 invited women from 50 countries began arriving in Antigua, Guatemala for a special three-day conference. Sponsored by the Nobel Women’s Initiative (a group comprised of all female Nobel Peace Prize winners), partnering with Just Associates (JASS), a global network to strengthen women’s organizing powers, and hosted by the Rigoberta Menchú Tum foundation (FRMT), which seeks to promote the rights of indigenous people around the world, the conference title is: Women redefining Democracy.

Among the women are activists, researchers and journalists. The conference’s focus is to debate how women shape democracy, along with, identifying the greatest challenges to greater democratization.
The discussion is bound to be lively, informative and evocative and it’s a shame that it’s not open to more women, not that too many would be able to make the trip to Antigua.
But thankfully for technology, women from all over the world can “virtually” sit in on this conference through a variety of “real-time” ways.
While the conference is for invited delegates only, there are plenty of other ways to listen in on the conversation. The Nobel Women’s Initiative website will feature daily blogs, photos and video reports from the conference, on our DemocracyBlog.
openDemocracy will also be providing analytical coverage of the conference, and the JASS women are blogging!
You can also follow us on Twitter, listen to live broadcasts from Feminist International Radio Endeavour (FIRE), and see photos both on our website and our blog.

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