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Las Vegas bets on a new kind of bullfight to draw in the crowds

LatinaLista — Most people are familiar with bullfights.
For U.S.-born Latinos, the pageantry and tradition associated with the one event that is a staple form of entertainment in almost every Spanish-speaking country, gets sidetracked in the debate of animal cruelty.
Yet, some Las Vegas organizers want to bring bull fights to the gambling mecca of the nation this September and are betting that their brand of bullfighting will be a winner with audiences.
Don Bull Productions plans on staging several bullfight events during the national observance of Hispanic Heritage Month. Each bullfight will be complete with the traditional pomp and pageantry that makes bullfights enjoyable to watch — until the actual fight between man and beast.
Knowing how squeamish U.S. audiences are, not to mention adverse to the drawing of an animal’s blood for sport, these organizers are staging “bloodless bullfights.”

Starting with the inaugural Fiestas Patrias at the South Point Arena, Don Bull Productions will present bloodless bullfights, offering spectators the opportunity to witness the best bullfighters or “toreros” around the globe performing their mastery in the entertainment capital of the world. Using specially designed adhesive Velcro pads instead of traditional banderillas, rejones and steel harpoons, competitors are able to preserve the existence of the toros while keeping the excitement and skill of traditional bullfighting alive.

While bloodless bullfights are one way to keep the tradition alive, I have to say that if the promotional video is any indication, the bullfighters look like the ones who need all the help.
In a rather long promotional video (4:54), it’s almost comedic how some of the bullfighters charge at the bulls with no cape, lance or common sense to only end up under the hooves of the bull.
I guess when the promoters said bloodless, they obviously didn’t mean the bullfighters.
But it’s to be expected. After all, it’s Las Vegas. The home of the bloodiest boxing matches in the country.
In comparison, a few bloody and bruised bullfighters makes these bullfights a tame event.
The bloodless bullfighting matches will take place on Mexican Independence Day at the South Point Hotel & Casino September 14 – 15 and return on September 27 – 30.

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