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American Express’ Members Project reaches out to Latino causes

LatinaLista — Corporate social responsibility is a trend gaining momentum. The idea of businesses giving back to the community has always existed but, these days, it’s being taken to a new level.

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For example, last year, Puerto Rico’s Doral Bank collaborated with Susan G. Komen for the Cure and launched the mobile pink mammogram clinic Ruta Pink, a breast cancer prevention initiative that offers women (and men) free mammograms, biopsies and referrals, as well as general informational seminars all across the island.

Puerto Rico’s Doral Bank launched Ruta Pink to deliver free mammograms in island communities.

Doral isn’t the only example. There are many. One other is American Express.

The credit card company has partnered with Take Part to create Members Project.

Launched with two ads broadcast during this year’s Oscar’s program, the Members Project is about identifying charities and then choosing which ones get to receive $200,000.

At the project’s website, there is a list of charities that visitors vote for to be in the running for a $200,000 jackpot awarded every three months to the charity with the most votes in each of five different categories.

Among the current list are several Latino charities, BUT the list of charities isn’t closed.

In other words, people are free to nominate any charity of their choice — widening the pool of deserving organizations.

Organizers of the Members Project know how badly $200,000 is needed in these days of diminished donations and so they’ve created a way to help charities win. People can campaign for votes by downloading tools, like banners and postcards, which the site makes available.

The bottom line being that every charity is already a winner!


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