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Mexico City: Signs that same-sex marriages gaining wider acceptance

By Martha Ramos


MEXICO CITY: Two friends of mine are already organizing their wedding. They’re a gay couple.

Since December 22, of last year, people of the same sex can now get married in Mexico City. On March 4, the new law goes into effect that will not only allow same-sex couples to marry but adopt children as well.


It’s not that difficult when a liberal party rules the city. But it didn’t happen before.

Of course, it was very controversial. First the Catholic Church fought it, then the Conservative party and now even the President wants to fight this law.

Happily, I really think it’s not going to happen. We are prepared to support such an important step because it means we are walking towards a world where everyone is seen as valuable, and where we all are the same and should be able to enjoy the same rights and privileges.

It sounds great.

Of course, what is read in the newspapers is that this has caused a big scandal.

People are speaking out against the law, rallies being formed on street corners and heated discussions taking place over the radio airwaves.

While all of this is true, the new law is not the big scandal its opponents wish it to be.

For example, my friends went yesterday to the Mexico City department store called Liverpool. Here in Mexico, it is customary when getting married to register at a department store where you make a list of wedding gifts you want to receive. People choose from among the list and buy whatever they can, always assured that the happy couple will enjoy the gift.

So, they went and registered at the “mesa de regalos” (gift table). They were nervous of the reaction and treatment they would receive, but, surprise! It was great! People were incredibly nice and every salesman there helped and supported them and gave them everything they needed.

They were treated as real people.

It’s a big step, but I’m sure Mexico is ready for it.

So, congratulations my friends on your wedding!!!

And congratulations to Liverpool for taking that first step and making a positive difference in the lives of two friends who just want to be happy.

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I’m Martha Ramos, born 43 years ago, a journalist during the last 24 years and a mother since 1998.

I believe in the power of friendship, and the wisdom of children. I defend women as a basic element in every society, every group, every family.

I recognize journalism as the most important tool of a democratic country and the imperfect way of getting to the truth. Now, in the era of journalism 2.0 and 3.0 I really thank you for the possibility of talking to you and hearing from you.

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