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Mexico: Female voters need to demand 5 things of Mexican politics

By Martha Ramos

MEXICO CITY: Next july the 5th is election day in Mexico.
It is middle term, we are voting for a new Congress, so it’s a big deal. Or so I think.
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Andrés Manuel López Obrador speaks to his supporters in the heart of the Angelópolis.
(Photo Source: La Jornada)

But it seems that Mexicans are fed up with politicians. There is a huge debate now between political parties, media and ordinary people about if it is really useful to go to the voting stand and vote for no one, what we call “voto en blanco”.
“How are we going to change anything if we don’t vote?”, said one.
“But why vote for the same over and over again? We want change”, said the other.
I, now, want to open the discussion.
What is the real value of a vote?
In Mexico more than 50% of the voters are women, also more than half of the population.
In conclusion, the important decisions made in the Congress affect primarily women.
So, as we do when we are looking for a boyfriend, let’s make ourselves interesting. Let’s put a high price on our decision.
Let’s take an hour a week and start looking on the Internet for what the candidates are proposing — because you will find out, sadly, that we (women) are not part of the agenda.
Beyond the campaign for “voto en blanco” we should be demanding five other things.

1. The political parties are obligated by law to have a porcentage of women in their list of candidates, 40% should be one of us. It doesn’t happen.
2. Health, the environment and social issues are treated with such lightness that it seems they don’t really know what they are talking about.
3. We should make clear that politics and drug trafficking are not the only issues there are.
4. The salaries in the Congress are way too high. They should cut salaries, and even the number of congressmen.
5, 6, etc. Education. Always education. This should always be the first item for everyone.
If we don´t care for the education of every Mexican, we will never have better candidates. And God, we really need them!!!!
So go for a coffee, turn on your computer and get on the Internet. Check your candidates, look for options and then think how valuable is your vote.
See you on July 5th!!
Learn more about Martha:
I’m Martha Ramos, born 43 years ago, a journalist during the last 24 years and a mother since 1998.
I believe in the power of friendship, and the wisdom of children. I defend women as a basic element in every society, every group, every family.
I recognize journalism as the most important tool of a democratic country and the imperfect way of getting to the truth. Now, in the era of journalism 2.0 and 3.0 I really thank you for the possibility of talking to you and hearing from you.
Aside from Latina Lista, I also blog at my blog, and another one at Ejecentral.

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