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New group buying site targets Latinos looking for a deal

LatinaLista — Who doesn’t like a discount? In these economic times, everyone is looking for a good deal. It’s no wonder that Groupon has done so “billionly” well.

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However, most Latinos were raised looking for good deals, especially when the family budget had to be spread over more mouths to feed, bodies to clothe, etc. So, it’s not surprising that there is now a discount deal broker, like Groupon, catering to the Latino community.

Calling itself Descuento Libre, it’s a bilingual social buying website targeted to Hispanics and focused on Latino culture. Begun in 2010, the organization is pulling no punches in boosting its profile among Latinos who want a culturally relevant deal.

Found in 21 major Latino populated cities across the United States and 56 cities in Mexico, their goal is to assist those who want to learn and experience the adventures, foods, and culture that the Latino community has to offer without spending too much.

Founded on a Latino basis, Descuento Libre would not present anything they would not want to experience.

Yet, truth be told, anything that gives enough of a good deal is something most would want to experience.

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