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New campaign asks GOOGLE to doodle Cinco de Mayo

LatinaLista — Who doesn’t like it when the “GOOGLE’s CHIEF DOODLER” gets inventive and incorporates the site’s logo with a historical person’s birthday, event or cultural tradition?


In the past ten years since the site first began doodling its logo, GOOGLE has doodled in honor of such notable people/events as Martin Luther King, Jr., the Chinese New Year and even Michelangelo’s birthday. There’s even a global GOOGLE doodle on world celebrations in various countries.

Elements of every Cinco de Mayo celebration lend themselves naturally to a GOOGLE doodle.

Yet, no GOOGLE doodle has ever featured Cinco de Mayo. Ironic since GOOGLE’s CHIEF DOODLER these days is a Latino by the name of Michael Lopez.

To bring this oversight to GOOGLE’s attention, Ericka Soto Lamb created a new Facebook campaign — Hey GOOGLE! Doodle Cinco de Mayo 2010!

Lamb wrote a lengthy letter to GOOGLE doodlers explaining the history of Cinco de Mayo, its significance to U.S. Latinos and how this traditionally fun event would be perfect as a doodle:

A Cinco de Mayo doodle is overdue. It fits with the fun and quirkiness of the Google brand and will brighten the day of many of your site’s visitors. I trust that Google will do this important holiday justice and I look forward to opening my browser window on May 5, 2010, to find a cockeyed sombrero atop the capital ‘G,’ or maracas replacing the double ‘oo’… the possibilities are endless.

Lamb asks supporters to do three things as part of the campaign:

1. Join this group!

2. Email to tell the official doodlers that you want to see a Cinco doodle on May 5, 2010!


3. Follow on Twitter @5demayodoodle —

With only two days left until Cinco de Mayo, another way to help GOOGLE hear this request is with a collective grito!

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