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New digital book puts a Human Face to Transnationalism

LatinaLista — What is transnationalism?
The Merriam-Webster definition says it’s “extending or going beyond national boundaries.”
Yet, for the purposes of a new digital, virtual coffee table-type book, transnationalism, as it pertains to the United States, has a much deeper meaning.
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DayNightLifeDeathHope explores transnationalism as the “accommodation of immigrant cultures into a more open ‘cosmopolitan’ society and against the pressure for cultural assimilation implied in the phrase ‘melting pot.'”
In 2005, author Jose de la Isla and photographer Wilhelm Scholz set out on a two-month journey to put a “human face” to transnationalism. Their journey took them from Alaska to Latin America to Mexico and ending along the Arizona border.
Along the way, the stories they collected and the pictures they shot revealed the complex yet simple motives people had for migrating to the United States and the varied outcomes of their quests to fulfill a dream.
The book, accompanied with a musical soundtrack, presents a haunting peek into lives that for too many are only statistics, but to those who know better — are real people.

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